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Dog seatbelt
Item No.: YL-23791
Pet Star
S:20MMX30-50CM L:25MMX40-60CM

Designed and constructed with the safety of your pet in mind, this highly reliable seat belt is made with incredibly strong nylon fabric so that you can confidently and safely bring along your cherished family pet.

Whether you're taking a short car-trip to the pet store or a two week family vacation in the mountains, the sturdy and safe Car Seat Belt for Dogs and Cats helps protect your pet from unexpected accidents while on the road.

One end of the belt has a universal clip that securely attaches to your pet's body harness while the other end has a standard seat belt buckle that inserts into your vehicle's seat belt receptacle.

For your pet's safety, do not attach the Belt to your pet's collar. By connecting your pet to a body harness instead of it's collar, you will secure your pet from sudden stops, turns and accidents while also protecting its neck from unnecessary strain.